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RC009 MUAMBA: Brazilian Traces of Movement


curated by Lucas Albuquerque​ 

The exhibition by curator and researcher Lucas Albuquerque started with a proposition to transport the work of 26 Brazilian artists into the country in a single suitcase — which is exactly what he has done. Some of the most interesting emerging contemporary art from Brazil has come into the U.K. with him and no one is the wiser. His action speaks to the limitations of the circulation of the art object and, by extension, the artists themselves. Lucas has brought them to Ruby Cruel as ‘muamba’; a Brazilian term for contraband coined after the large woven baskets used to move goods from  Africa to Brazil during colonial times.
Subsequent viewing by appointment @rubycruel & regular gallery hours to be announced.
Artists showing: Adriano Machado, Ana Hortides, Andrea Hygino, Anna Costa e Silva, Arthur Palhano, Benedito Ferreira, Darks Miranda, Desali, Dhiani Pa’saro, Duhigó, Elias Maroso, Emília Estrada, Erica Storer, Froiid, Gu da Cei, Iah Bahia,  Íris Helena, João Paulo Racy, Kauê Garcia, Keila Sankofa, Laryssa Machada, Luiz D’orey, Mayara Velozo, Nathan Braga, Patfudyda, Rafael Bqueer, Vitoria Cribb, Yhuri Cruz.

September 29th - October 15th 2023

Opening times:

Thursday October 12th 2pm-6pm

Friday October 13th 2pm-6pm

Saturday October 14th 2pm-6pm

& by appointment HERE

This exhibition generously supported by KitMapper

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