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Hold Steady

In Hold Steady, Kate Terry plays formal games with balance and weight, bringing together many of the regular forms and materials she uses to create her colourful sculptural environments. Approaching the two window spaces at Ruby Cruel as siblings or partners, there is a clear and pleasing visual correspondence between them. Flat brass discs and painted wooden geometric shapes are playfully balanced giving an illusory sense of weight while lines of fluorescent thread, pulled taught, zigzag between the walls with a lightness that makes them almost imperceptible from certain angles. Her installation operates somewhere between drawing and sculpture, manipulating flatness and linearity to turn three dimensional into two dimensional planes. The title Hold Steady aptly describes this poised, carefully balanced display and is also a reassurance or directive echoing often expressed sentiments during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kate’s work explores architectural space, geometry, balance and colour through site-specific installations, sculpture and drawing. Connectivity and symmetry are embedded in her practice and the opposition of the hand crafted to the rigorous regularity of Minimalism plays an important role in her output. She has had recent solo exhibitions at Broadway Gallery, Letchworth; Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, USA; Volker Diehl Cube, Berlin; Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, and has also exhibited in Paris, Berlin, and Vienna. She co-curated New Relics, a large survey sculpture exhibition with Tim Ellis in 2018 and teaches Sculpture and Drawing & Conceptual Practice at Camberwell College of Arts, London.


Kate Terry lives and works in London, England.

Exhibition ran Aug 10 - Sep 5, 2020.

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