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Invisible Hand


There's an internet shop a few doors down from the space. I asked the owner if he'd be okay with me promoting his business. He said that would be nice.

The shop is called Galaxzy. The sign above the door says Galaxy, but the signmaker got it wrong. The actual name has a ‘z’. Musa said the signmaker corrected his spelling, making it right - but wrong. I suppose he was trying to help.

Help is complex. I've made plenty of work that was trying to help. Community engagement, public outreach. It's hard to know how much it helped. Perhaps some of it did the opposite. It's easier to know how much money goes in a cash register.

So I told Musa I wasn't trying to help. I was doing it for my portfolio - for myself - "as if guided by an invisible hand". I mentioned Adam Smith, the father of modern capitalism, who thought society benefits when everyone acts in their own self-interest. Musa gave me a funny look. I said it wasn't really how I see things.

I asked him about the spelling. wasn't available when he tried to buy it, so he bought the next best thing. Visit - and tell Musa I sent you. You'll get fifteen minutes free internet with the code 'Invisible_Hand'.



Jeremy Hutchison is an artist who works across performance, sculpture, text and video. His practice plunges a disruptive logic into the smooth mechanisms of consumer capitalism. Through the perversion of commercial modes of production, he weaponises humour and absurdity to political ends: power relations are reversed, language is inverted, behavioural norms are accelerated or capsized. Jeremy lives and works in London, England.

Exhibition ran Dec 19, 2020 - May 17, 2021.

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