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​Ruby Cruel Variations ​ 


Celebrated typographic artist Bruce Cayonne experiments with the nascent identity of Ruby Cruel creating a new hand-painted sign displayed in the front window each month for a year.

Developing his painted typography through an attentive eye, Bruce uses little guidance for his brush strokes to construct his vibrant graphic fête signs posted across Trinidad & Tobago. Playfully using size, colour and style he adds drama and interest to his visuals just as a voice might change in pitch and inflection. Understanding the way a message can be communicated through typography and received in many different ways through visual variations is an ongoing experiment for him. Over the last thirty years his style has become recognised and respected on the visual landscape of the islands mostly in the promotion of events and recently in collaborations with other artists.

Bruce Cayonne lives and works Arima, Trinidad & Tobago.

Project ran Oct 2019 - Dec 2020.

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