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Incubator of Abandoned Time ​

Inter-disciplinary artist Luke Jordan took up residency for 13 days within Ruby Cruel. Collaborating with its objects, entities and spectres he created a new immersive artwork in which the deep past, immanent present and distant future merge and dissolve and new unstable forms coagulate, spawning hypnagogic anomalies, ectoplasmic excretions, spectral affects, dissipated and derelict bodies. The public was invited inside the rooms to explore its cavities, detritus, sculptural and sonic artefacts, live and pre-recorded experimental electronic decompositions, spoken word incantations, unintelligible vocalisations and intra-acting entities in communication with the unknown.


The artist is interested in speculations upon the temporality of the human as one among any decaying material forms, haunted by imagined pasts and futures, unexplored territories, communications with the unknown, and by the vast unknowable without and within the human body. His work incorporates manifestations of primal and cultural anxieties, in material decay, corruption and impurity through the emergence of hybrid forms and figures, disrupting the borders of the human, and of 'civilization'. 


Luke Jordan lives and works London, England. ​ ​ ​ 


Exhibition ran October 11 - 13, 2019.​​

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